Thursday, June 21, 2012

Moments of impact... Where is mine?

"This means war" Truly a hilarious movie as many times I was laughing away on the crude jokes/prank played against one another. Imagining a nut head laughing to the tiny pillow in the plane, I guess the steward might think I look damn stupid!!! However, throughout the movie, I always thought that Tuck (Chris Pine), being the honest gentlemen in the movie, will manage to move the Laurent (Reese Witherspoon), ESP with his heart warming and trueful  dating plans, bring her to a gymnasium and playing the xxx, extreme driving, bring her to see his son and having fun in the office after. Turns out, the one with all fake moves, bringing her to a animal shelter where he claims to go often, bringing her to see her fav painting and claims that he love the same painter too, managed to win her heart. That is even before the time where he risked his life to 'save' her. Which really confuses me alot.... It does not means being nice and honest and you will get what you want. Sigh... Sometimes, the nice guy do loses... "The vow" I thought I would watch this emotional movie again, and even before I start the my eyes gets watery already, cause the starting was so loving, so sweet and yet so tragic... I have to cry the second time watching this start... ''Moments of impact" - the bad side, leaves a scars, the good side, leaves a sweet sweet memories, that stays in ur heart, no matter how deep you try to keep them... "I vow to help you love life, to always hold you with tenderness, and have the patience that love demands, to speak when words are needed and to share the silence when they are not, to agree to disagree on red velvet cake, and to live within the warm of your heart and always call in home" "I vow to fiercely love you, in all your forms, now and forever. I promise to never forget that this is a once-in-a-lifetime love. And to always know in the deepest part of my soul, and no matter what challenges might carry us apart, that we'll always find the way back to each other." How would someone forget all these sweet memories... Its just so sad to find the person you love so much treat you like a total stranger or even a jerk... T_T "How do you look at the girl that you love, and tell yourself that it's time to walk away? I hope one day, I can love you the way that you loved e. You figured it out once, you will do it again... ... If we are meant to be together, we will be together..." "I chose to stay with him, for all the things that he had done right, and not to leave him for the one thing that he had done wrong, I chose to forgive him. Maybe Leo was right, maybe I can't figure out who I am and be around all of you." "Thank you, you accepted me for who i am, and not who you wanted me to be. Actually, I jus wanted you to be happy. That's all." It's so sweet to know that this is inspired by a true story, and that the couple lived happily with two kids, even though she didn't regained her memories. So it shows if two persons are meant to be together, they will be, even over the worst and most bizarre of happenings. Love shapes the person and the person shapes to the love... Surprisingly, crybaby didn't shed much tears this time, since it's the second time he is watching this. The first was a disaster... When he needed the most of care and love, only the air stewardess can see his sorrow and lend a moment of thoughtfulness... Sigh...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lift of from the camp! Plane ride~

Finally got my chance to get out of the camp! Although there might be chances that i would need to return, but at least its a change of environment. Who cares!!!


I tot i wouldn’t have a good shot since the guy who took the shot was a techie noob. but alas it was pretty good and with some tweak, its actually presentable. :)


Up up and away!!! So this is the camp view from the top.


This would be the wharf area where they will pick up the pipe and sent it to another place. This is just the pick up wharf… The laydown area is much bigger, but too bad its on the other side.


The river runs thru to almost infinity….


One small village near the river.


A sneak shot of the cockpit. :P


There were only four of us, so i stole another shot of the interior of the chopper. :P


This is the first time that i saw a rainbow so clearly!!!


More rainbow few minutes later!!!


The mountain views were just breath taking. :)


Its almost everlasting trees and water… No doubt the 2nd largest rainforest in the world.


Moro camp as we are touching down. More pipe stacks!


A shot of the camp in the far right.


A Chinook i think but not sure what is it for.


This is when i am leaving MORO camp at 6am… The fokker airplane out of here!!!


I can still remember the first time i took this kinda plane was when i was in Poly, flying back to singapore from Labuan with my buddy Honkiang. :) I actually was worried that the blade will come loose and slice the plane into two… lol Obvious too much movies…


This is the interior of the plane. Super small, but at least there is a stewardess that serves us coffee and cookies.

So much for the planes, it will be hotels later…

It is definately one nice hotel.

Stay tuned…

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Breakfast and lunch on one of those days...

One fine morning the cookhouse decided to make everybody happy by serving good food. So being the very happy me, i have to take a photo of the meal.

FYI, the rest of the time, we will have rice, @#$%^ <--- which is something i dun know, eggs (If u are lucky u get those below, else worst case hard boiled eggs), cereals (not the normal cornflakes but WEETBIX and bran stix...), UHT milk and orange cordial. Oh there is bread too, lots of them! how i wish i have my kaya with me... *sobz*

So a usual breakfast for me would be eggs (if there is any) and cereal (ha, so much that i hate to eat weetbix and bran stix, i tot it the best for vitamins and energy, furthermore i eat a tiny bit with heaps of UHT milk and quite a bit of sugar too... lol)

So this is wat we had the other day.

Fried eggs with luncheon meat like patty. Turns out its super salty so i have to make a toast to wrap the patty and eggs over. Ohh.... is so good. :)

Lunch was this Barimandi fish that they shallow fried with batter. Taste like dory but softer. I like the tatar sauce that they make, flavourful and slight scuncy due to the vegs n carrot inside. Of course, cannot do without a bit of spice. Even though this one is really salty.

Ice cream for deserts! Oh, usually there are cakes for dinner one. But most of the time, the cake are dense and chocolaty, like a brownie wannabe. lol so its best with this vanilla ice-cream. Oh that was a happy day... :) 

Saturday, October 02, 2010

PNG more photos to upload!

Nothing much to do before i turn to bed so maybe i would post some more pictures?

This is the work space we got for ourselves. Notice the blue bag behind the blue chair, that where i hide the wireless router. Tactical huh. :)

Here is the shower as requested. :P Notice nobody is showering. lol. Anyway the glass door was initially clear so u can actually see another's naked body if u walk pass, but they have since painted it till head level. Not that shabby expect that there is not cold water and they tends to have lotsa flys and bugs and moth flying around, especially near the lights. Notice the small small black dots are actually some bugs.

This is the toilet, er... and the urinal. lol. Though the cubicle looks nice n RED. But there will be a rather big opening between the door and the side walls. and the cubicle happen to face the door... So u can actually peep out to see who is coming, and at the same time, people coming in can see u la...

The wash basin is actually pretty nice, but because not many use it ba. I thinkmost would rather use their basin in their room ba...
This is the other camp, which supposely everyone will move across when its completed.

Notice the black spots on the floor. They are actually dead flys, moths ans stuffs. I really dun know why this particular area is filled with dead bugs. People dun clear them or jus many is dead overnight? Probably attracted by the big light. 

After 7 days of waiting, finally, a sign of the tug and barge coming. Even though the cargo on board is not concern to my job, but to see some "Action" finally is such a relief! I am on my way home!!! Even though its another 10-14 days more... 

Tug and barge closing into the jetty.

So much for work, below are some other picture that took while around the camp. Bored la...

This boat was previously a hugh tree sia! Look at the length of the log!

One of those stupid bug/bettle that end up on my blanket!!! Irritating...

Praying Mantis! I have nvr seen a praying mantis this close before! Cool!

This was my dinner today. One of the best i had since. The roast pork was soft and er... salty... lol Roast potatos can nvr go wrong, even its not my fav. On top u will see the fried pork skin. Salty n pretty nice. Today we also had melow and pears (sour ones) :( and beef soup. All in all, i think its about the best they can make so far!

That's about all for today!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More Pics of the camp~ and others from my iPhone~

The Accomodation area, the office area is where my back is facing.

The walkway to my "bunk".

The room. Opps a bit messy la, the "housekeeping" haben come in yet. lol

The table, i shift the table a bit to accomodate the power supply and the lights.

The sink in the room.
Some other pictures that was taken using my iPhone before i reach KOPI.

Crap my face look sooooo round.... T_T

The view of the harbour from my dispatch vehicle.
The mountainous PNG.

More mountains.

There is the prawn bisque that i mentioned before.

And this is the steak. :) Did i mentioned there was 5 knives for me to select? lol

The price of the steak in Kinas.

The super long name of the soup.

The name of the restuarant. At this point of timem, i was told that the Crown Plaza was not the best hotel in the area. Probably i should fine out wats the other hotel they are talking about. lol Probably even better food.

Two cannibals greeting the front entrance of the Crown Plaza...

As if a statement that if u step out of the hotel, these cannibalslook-alike will eat u up! Grrr...

Supposely to be able to see all the trees down below... Its trees and trees and trees! A massive forest man!

The airtracks is not even tarred!

Luckily touchdown side got some cement one... lol

The Dash 8S that we took to MORO Camp.

This is the outside of my room in MORO.

The double bed that i mentioned... Oh the "squeeky" one...

Aircon right above my head. Even though we are 800m high, i still keep the aircon blowing coz i couldnt sleep if i am going to be sweating away... Plus the immobility... I rather freeze n keep still. lol

The cardboard that i nvr use. The brown door is actually the shared toilet n shower. Not so bad considering that u can shower within ur room. My current one, have to walk about 100meters loh...

At least got TV, with sports channel. We were watching aussie football that night. Titan vs Roosters. My bunkmate watch until fall asleep, snoring away. He has the remote, so if i want to switch off the tv, i will have to climb down, which will cause quite a stir... So i rather continue watching, since i cant sleep. lol

Got its own basin too.

Managed to take a photo of the dinner i had the other day. This is the good food from the better camp. Imgaine the food i am having... I think i will not have chance to take a photo...

Thats about it. Hopefully i will have more photos to share the next time.

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